Listen with you Heart

About the Book

Poetic Parables is a book of poems with spiritual advice that can help you when faced with various situations in life. It is an opportunity for someone to get close to God and invite Him into your life.

Book Review

Pastor Ted Winsley, Senior Pastor/Founder of the Family Church in New Jersey, Chaplain of the Philadelphia Eagles:

What an amazing and unique book of poetry! “Poetic Parables” are engaging and inspiring addition to anyone’s daily devotional, this book will encourage you to go deeper in your prayer life and to be more intentional in your spiritual walk with Christ! I highly recommend it!

About the Author

Alvina is a Trentonian. She teaches elementary health and physical education for the Trenton school district. She graduated from Living Faith Bible Academy and The College of New Jersey (formerly Trenton State College). She is also a custom clothier designer, having received a diploma in dressmaking and design from Harcourt Learning Direct.

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