A devotional book helps one a lot when it comes to his or her faith. It is a way for Christians to draw closer to God and learn more about living a great Christian life. Devotional books are meant to be read every day and read on the passages by praying every day by day. Through that, you can have this strong bond with God, especially when you dedicate yourself to do it. Throughout your Christian journey, you will encounter a lot of things that are worth sharing with others. You can inspire them to take the adventure of strengthening their faith. Thus, if you have the passion for writing down your journey, it’s about time to share it with others.

If you are an avid reader of Christian books, you may already know the positive effects it brings—there are myriad of them. Just like Alvina Platt-Gregory’s book, Poetic Parables: Listen with your Heart, this two-in-one devotional and self-help book will spark your faith as you look for spiritual knowledge and truth. This could be the way for you to enrich your devotion to God, one of all Christians’ major goals.

What better way to spread the word than to impart your story to the world and inspire more people. There are many benefits you can also get from writing a faith-based narrative. Just like writing for other genres, the process of writing about your faith will help you discover more about yourself. Writing is an introspective activity. It will make you reflect and turn your thoughts inward. It will teach you the value of your own. It is a great way for you to get in touch with your thoughts and perspective. In other words, writing is really the cheaper alternative to therapy. If you want to know how to kick-start the process, this blog will give you the components you need. Below are the five elements you need to write a substantial devotional book that can surely help others with their faith:

Knowledge and Wisdom

There are many ways to gain Christian wisdom and knowledge, but the very best way is for you to study the scriptures. Reading the scriptures day by day will help you know more about God that you can reflect upon. The more you know about God’s words, the more wisdom and knowledge you can share with your readers, which will make your devotional book meaningful and substantial.


Passing hope into your readers is what makes your book helpful. You can write about your own struggles. Do not be afraid to show moments where you have experienced slopes in your life. These moments will prove to your readers that that faith can always move mountains. And that at the end of the day, you can always conquer all.

Your Story

Through your stories, faith can come to life. Always remember that you are writing this book because you want your story to be heard. There are reasons why faith-based books based on true stories are the most popular ones; they tend to inspire more people. It gives them ways to enrich their spiritual journey.


For you to begin something, you need to have courage. You need not think about failure. In short, you don’t need to think about your book not selling out. Don’t forget. You are writing this book in the first place to inspire people and to reflect on yourself. As long as you have that, you will be good to go. Courage will help you to try things that you feared before.


Your passion will push you to your limits. Writing a book requires your passion. If you have it, you will be more receptive to learning more about the masterpiece you are passionate about. You will search for more things that can help you improve. So, when you write a book, make sure that you are really are desiring to make it happen.

To conclude, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary elements you need before you start your writing process. As long as you have all them, you can all make everything possible. Remember, writing a book does not only mean that you only jot down your experiences; it takes a whole lot more.