I, Alvina Yvonne Platt-Gregory is a Trentonian, born and lived in Trenton, New Jersey.

I attended the public school system from K-12 and then proceeded to attend Trenton State College in 1972, now named The College of New Jersey.  My first two years at Trenton State, I was leaning towards “Nursing” as a major.

I left college in 1974 to get marry.  That union produced three wonderful sons.  I found myself no longer married in 1982 so I decided to go back and get my college degree.  I used my nursing credits and changed my major to Health and Physical Education. I was very energetic in sports and was happy to find a major that pleased me. I enjoyed teaching children so this was the idea career for me.

I graduated from Trenton State College in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education and later became a Teacher for the Trenton Public school system. I earned a Diploma in Biblical Studies from Living Faith Bible Training Center in 2005 and a Master of Education Administration Degree from Grand Canyon University in 2012.  I taught 27 years in Trenton and just recently retired in July 2020.

In college I wrote a poem for the school paper.  While I was teaching I wrote a poem entitled “Poor little fifth grader” and one named “A woman with good advice”.  I almost quit teaching if it was not for her good advice. (Poetic Parables)

I wrote my first book in 2015 entitled “Listen with your Heart” and in 2018, God told me it was time to write another book.  You see, God quotes the poems and I write them.  My motto is “God quoted it and I wrote it”.  Thus “Poetic Parables; Listen with your Heart” was created.

God is still giving me poems as I live and survive through this world’s events.  Reading Poetic Parables will make you take a look at yourself.  It is a mirror of words.  See if you can find your reflection in any of these poems? It so or if not, you will make a decision to get closer to God so He can shower you with His favor of blessings.  I believe if you are true to yourself, you will make the necessary changes for a better life.  Choose life and live! (Poetic Parables).

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