This year has been some year!  There has been many opportunities to commune with self, with others and most importantly with God.

God is still in control!  He didn’t cause this pandemic but He did allow it to happen.  There is a reason for every season in your life.  When the pandemic was discovered, it was during census taking time.  All those people counted alive only to have many more counted out.  So is there going to be another census when this is over?

The census came about in the Old Testament Bible days.  A very necessary survey for the kings to have account of the people to enforce taxes and services.  In this pandemic, many businesses were re-invented to survive.  New business adventures took off to meet the supply and demand of the people and create new ways to communicate and entertain the young and old restless souls.

A lot of good has come from enduring this pandemic. We learned to value our own people and their skills.  We uncovered and focus on a stock pile of injustices.  People true feelings were exposed and we learned that we need each other to survive and be prosperous.  We learned to value those things and people we took for granted and taking care of home/our country should be a priority.

God is one of those important figures we took for granted. If we listen and commune with God he would let you know what is going to happen. Sometimes He will give you hints, signs and wonders for the non-believers as well as the believers.  You must pay attention to what God is saying to you.  God is always speaking but we aren’t always listening.  God can be loud and audible or speak in a whisper but you must be in tune to Him and feel His presence.  You must “Listen with Your Heart!”

No matter what it looks like to the world, God is on display BIG TIME!  It is His time to shine and get the attention He deserves.  He created everything! He gives us witty inventions! He loves us unconditionally and awaits for us to seek Him and His advice.  He is willing to order our daily steps if we just ask Him. He will give wisdom to those who seek Him.  He is what we need for survival! He knows everything before it happens.  He created the end before the beginning. His will must be done but He loves/respects us enough that He won’t override our WILL unless we give Him permission.

Please do not take for granted that God is letting sin have a field day without reaping the consequences.  The wages of sin is death…hmmmm…whose death?  The innocent always have to suffer for the guilty.  Jesus died to save us from sin.  Who will die because of your sin?  Think about it!  Examining your heart is the place to start. Repent and go forth, do not stop until God tells you.

The great and wise Solomon speaks on vanity, filling your life with material things, while James said that your life is like a vapor.  What do you say about your life?  Did God get your attention yet?  Read the book “Poetic Parables: Listen with your heart” and see if you can find yourself among the poems.

I love you to life,

Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory

Image by pedro_wroclaw from Pixabay