Some people show love by purchasing material things they think you need, want or would like.  Sometimes they may go overboard and do more than what they should.  “You, the Receiver” may get so comfortable with the “Giver” always giving that “You” take it for granted.  The Giver becomes so unappreciated by the Receiver that he cannot see the forest for the trees as the old saying goes.

Oh Receiver, do not sleep on it too long. Someone will make the Giver aware of what went wrong.  When he awakes, he may not be angry or abusive.  He may just take a sabbatical from being a part of your life. So take time and listen to this poetic advice.

                                          Come Home

The call came in asking have you seen him (her).

The answer is “NO”!

Your Heart is aching and your body is shaking,

From the thought of not knowing where he (she) would go.

Is he (her) missing by choice?

If I can only hear his (her) voice,

Said a misunderstood friend who wants to hear from him (her) again.

Come home, at least phone, so you can be aware of how much I care and want your presence in my life.

I am going to listen with my heart, then do my part and take it to the Lord in prayer.

I am going to repent from the error of my ways to the Lord who is the Ancient of Days.

Please come home.

Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory

*”Ancient of Days” is a poem in Poetic Parable; Listen with your Heart