The installment of our new leaders brought forth hope and a saving grace,

But we must do our part and take our place.

In an environment of calm, they worn peace on their face.

God has an outstretched hand, waiting for them to give Him their plan,

To establish Unity, Hope and Love, will require intervention from above.

If you want *Peace one day, it is not that far away.

If you seek God’s face and saving grace, you will find real peace in this human race.

Following God’s lead will make our new leaders succeed, but they must stay true to bring us through so we can be all that God wants us to be: STRONG, EQUAL and FREE!

An inauguration for a new nation-what part do you need to play?  What new strengths are coming your way that will help you love man/womankind today?  

*poem is in the book “Poetic Parables”.