In the Bible, the nation of Judah had just received terrible news that a vast army was gathering to destroy them. King Jehoshaphat had no idea how they could survive such a ruthless attack. He knew, though, that there was only one person to whom he could turn to, and that was God.

God heard his prayer and responded. He commanded the king to station the choir in the front and march into battle singing praises to His name. The king trusted and obeyed God’s commands. Just before King Jehoshaphat reached the battleground, God had so confused the enemy that they turned to each other. King Jehoshaphat’s military never raised a bow because its enemies were defeated by God.

The king’s army’s singing of songs of praise is a solid proof that God can move mountains and that we will witness our enemies defeated. Our hearts will be lifted and we will also feel at peace within ourselves like nothing we have known.

The following principles below show how powerful singing praises to the Lord is.

  1. Singing praises to the Lord balances the scale.

There is nothing wrong asking for help from God, but we should also take the time to thank God for all He has done and is doing for us. Singing praise and thanksgiving balances the scale in our life of prayer and can imply the distinction between receiving and going without.

Do not wait until things are just as you like them to be — praise Him in every situation, offer praise and thanksgiving to God. Praise Him in your lives for who He is and what He has accomplished. Praise him for saving, delivering, healing, and heading to heaven. Praise Him as your Creator, Strong Tower, Restorer, Friend, and Counselor. There’s so much to be grateful for! Take time every day to thank Him. Watch then as energy is released into your surroundings in a manner that can never be accomplished by fearful and begging prayers.

2. Singing praises to the Lord neutralizes the devil.

Ever wonder why the devil is trying to make you grumble and complain? He understands it’s a sapper of strength, a drainer of faith, and a killer of dreams. He knows it will keep you roaming in the wilderness for 40 years, rather than arriving in 11 days’ time in your promised land. More importantly, he doesn’t want you to understand this: the devil is neutralized by praise and thanksgiving. To him, they’re like kryptonite.

Praise and thanksgiving are strong spiritual weapons from extremely advanced faith and are often the final phase before they are received from God. They are sure indications that you have faith in His Word, eradicating all unbelief, and fixing your mind on His Word alone. It’s a mighty place to be!

Singing praises to the Lord is more than just music; it is a powerful, spiritual warfare. God never meant you to fight battles yourself. Praise will transfer the battle from you to God and gives you strength. Singing praise to the Lord, therefore, hinders Satan in his ways.

If the devil can’t stand anything, it’s praise. If you’ve taken the sphere of influence from the devil and he’s coming to get it back against you, this isn’t the time to sit down and whine about how things don’t work out. It’s not the time to decide that God has removed your existence from His hand.

It’s time to get into the Word and re-anchor yourself in the commitments of God. It’s time to maintain those promises in your eyes and in your heart continually. It is time to pray the prayer of faith on the grounds of His provision and take your stand. It’s time to keep doing the stuff you know for yourself.

Do not retreat and run for cover when Satan starts shaking your mountain. Speak with the power you have in Jesus Christ’s name to the mountain. Then begin praising and shouting victory when you’re finished with that!

3. Singing praise gives us access to God.

If you want to approach God, you have to enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Turn on the praise music while cleaning the house, driving your car, cooking in the kitchen or sitting by the pool.

Before your prayer or study of the Bible, you can praise Him. Before you pray, you can sing to Him. Before opening your Bible, you can praise Him. As you drive to church, you can switch on praise music. Upon praising the soil of your heart, then let God plant His words into new soil.

4. Singing praise to the Lord makes room for God’s blessings to our lives

God will not hold back His goodness. Singing praise opens the gateway of blessing as we gather into the Presence of our King. If we continuously praise and worship the Lord, tell Him how much we enjoy Him and how wonderful He is, He will probably give us whatever we wish, sometimes even before we ask. How wonderful is that? Singing praise to the Lord brings contentment in our lives. If we spend more time praising and worshiping, we’ll have much less to think about.

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels